Electric/Pneumatic Filling Machine

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            The electric/pneumatic filling machine is suitable for filling water, cream, lotion, etc. According to the filling requirement, the worktable is adjustable to go up and down.

            GS-1/GS-2 Electric/Pneumatic Filling Machine Main features:

                1. Feeding method: Ordinary gravity method or Auto suction method.
                2. Control mode: electric control
                3. The filling quantity is divided into 6 series:
                • A: 5-15ml
                • B: 10-75ml
                • C: 20-150ml
                • D: 50-300ml
                • E: 100-500ml
                • F: 200-1000ml
                • Compressed Air: Pressure 0.4-0.6 Mpa 0.3m3/min
                • Production Capacity: 10-80 time/min
                • Filling Error:<2%
                • The Height Adjustment of Work Platform: 100mm
                • Capacity of Material Pot: 20L, 30L, 40L, 50L
                • Machine Diameter Container: Depending on the material and filling quantity
                • Dimension: 500mm*450mm*1500mm
                • Weight: 50Kg
                • Power: 0.55KW /0.75KW
                • Voltagge: 220V

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