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The 5 Best Conditioning Drills for Basketball

Here are Bowden's five favorite conditioning drills for helping you get the edge over your opponents: 1. Wind Sprint. This should be a progressive drill, starting at 50 yards and working up to a 100-yard sprint at the end. The goal behind this drill is to build speed and power, and then sustain it throughout the designated distance. 5 sets of 50 yards


BACK CUT. In this drill, players simulate making a pass, then cut behind an imaginary defender who is overplaying them. Setup: Four lines of players spaced about 12 to 15 feet apart (first at 3-point line left corner, second at lane’s edge, third at other lane’s edge, fourth at three point line right corner).

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5 Best Basketball Speed Drills and Exercises

Great exercise for helping you develop dynamic control of your body and your posture. It also helps with proper positioning of the torso, hip, knee, and foot when sprinting. Start slow with this exercise and add speed as you get more comfortable with the drill.

Youth Basketball Drills Sample Practice Plans

In this drill, all the players line up at one end of the court. On the coach’s, command, all players proceed to run: 1) as far as the nearest foul line and back, 2) to ½ court and back, 3) to the furthest foul line and back, and 4) to the opposite end of the court and back. This drill is sure to help build a player’s conditioning and endurance.

7 Conditioning Drills for Basketball Players | ACTIVEkids

Basic conditioning drills for basketball players will build up their endurance with running or jumping. Another set of drills will hone in on their sport-specific skills and exercises to prepare players for the movements they will perform in games. These drills help athletes get accustomed to performing basketball skills (dribbling, shooting, etc.) while fatigued, which mimics second half playing time.

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100 Basketball Training Drills For Players - Individual & Partner

100 Basketball Training Drills For Players 20 Basketball Shooting Drills. 15 Offensive Moves Drills. 18 Layup And Finishing Drills. 7 Rebounding Drills. 15 Agility / Defense Drills. 8 Passing Drills. 15 Dribbling Drills. 12 Post Play Drills. 9 Warm Up Drills. 10 Conditioning Drills. 12 ...

Basketball Footwork Drills 101 - Watts Basketball

Zig-zags. Guards need to be ready to challenge the player carrying the ball. For this, they need to maintain their position to prevent the ball carrier from advancing to the basket. This basketball footwork drill will help them control the direction the opponent is going. Start by positioning yourself in a U-stance.

Dynamic Basketball Warm Up Guide (20 Drills and Exercises)

One of the most important ways a player can prepare is with a proper basketball warm up. Specifically, a dynamic stretching routine. The reality is that a truly effective basketball warm up is overlooked by most players (especially at the youth level), which is why coaches need to make this a priority. Everyone has likely seen the classic “stretching circle,” where one player or coach stands in the middle as the leader, and the other players circle around to follow.