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Volleyball Rules Changes - 2020-21 - NFHS

12-2-6: Establishes that a yellow card issued for unsporting conduct to the head coach, assistant coach (es) or team bench will no longer require the head coach to remain seated, while maintaining that a red unsporting conduct card will require the head coach to remain seated for the remainder of the match.

Volleyball Rules Changes - 2021-22 - NFHS

Volleyball Rules Changes - 2021-22. 4-1-6a, b (NEW): Allows players to wear head coverings for religious reasons that fit securely and are made of non-abrasive or soft materials while still requiring head coverings worn for medical reasons to be approved by the state association.

2020 and 2021 Women’s Volleyball Rules Changes

Rationale: Current rules do not allow challenges on whether a player contacted the ball if the resulting decision is illegal block, illegal (back-row) attack, or illegally reaching beyond the net. This change allows any play to be challenged if the referee’s decision depends on whether an involved player touched the ball.

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Volleyball Rule Changes - Strength and Power Volleyball

Volleyball rule changes for the 2021 volleyball season. Also, the differences in rules among USAV, NFHS, NCAA, and FIVB. This is a summary of the new rules for USAV effective 2019 through the 2021 season. Jewelry may be worn provided it's nature doesn't created a concern for safety. In NCAA and NFHS, jewelry still isn't allowed to be worn.

Volleyball Rules - Recently Changed Rules

Rules of Volleyball - Ball Handling Rules 1. It is important to notice that a double hit or even various contacts are ALLOWED on the first hit, i.e. on the... 2. On the overhand serve receive or defensive play double hit is also ALLOWED. 3. A double hit on the set is ILLEGAL.

The Game - Volleyball Rules - FIVB

* First Volleyball rules published by William G. Morgan. 1917 * Game changes from 21 points to 15 points per set. 1918 * Number of players per team set at six. 1920 * The ball can be played with any other part of the body above the waist. Three hits per side rule also adopted. 1922

Rules of Volleyball - USA Volleyball

How often do volleyball rules change? Internationally and at the collegiate level timing of rule changes can vary, but USA Volleyball runs on a two-year rules cycle. This means that we work with our Rules Commission to review rule changes every two years and publish a new set of rules in the official USA Volleyball Rulebook every two years.

2020 – 2021 NFHS VOLLEYBALL RULE CHANGES | Texas Association ...

2020 – 2021 NFHS VOLLEYBALL RULE CHANGES. 4‑1‑4 (NEW): Allows the use of a molded protective face mask made of hard material during play. Rationale: Creates consistency with other NFHS rules codes. 7‑1‑1; 7‑1‑1 PENALTIES; 7‑1‑1 PENALTIES 2 (NEW); 9‑9‑1a (NEW); 10‑3‑7b: Eliminates the loss of rally/point penalty for failure to submit the team roster during the prematch conference and replaces the penalty with an unnecessary delay (administrative yellow card).